Hangout Bridges. Technology for Harmony


Using Technology to bring young people together

The Hangout Bridges Project combines technology and strategic communication for positive social impact. To promote cross-cultural understanding, this project connects young people from different cultures and helps them realize their prejudices and overcome them to engage respectfully and make new friends.

Respect for Diversity

Embracing and celebrating diversity is essential for harmonious co-existence. We help young people overcome bias and prejudice to embrace diversity.

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Child Online Safety

In this digital-first age, we help  children navigate the Internet safely and confidently. We also help adults to guide children on a digital journey.

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Stop CyberBullying

Online harassment and cyberbullying are real challenges with deep and lasting effects. We help children to handle cyberbullying and stop the cycle of hate.

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Using Google Hangouts to help young people overcome prejudice

We work with schools to connect young people from distinct backgrounds and help them create friendships across cultures.


Can video conferencing be used to bridge cultural divides?



Exploring yourself & your bias

Cross Cultural Collaboration

Exchanging cultural information

Leadership & Integrity

Developing strong personal character

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Resolving disputes peacefully

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    “The activities helped me get to know myself better and for other people to get to know me better and tell me things I didn't know about myself."

    Arya Samaj School

Teaching young people to be good Digital Citizens

Young people are digital-first and leverage the opportunities that the Internet offers. How can we help them to be aware of the risks and how to navigate them and equip them with tools and skills to use the Internet safely and confidently.


Finding Accurate Information

How to find accurate & credible information

Acceptable Community Practices

How to behave online

Security & Privacy

Protecting yourself online

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation

Stopping the cycle of cyberbullying.

How can we make the Internet a safer space and end the cycle of cyberbullying? The Balloon Challenge is away to pop the hate.


The Balloon Challenge: Let's Pop The Hate

We can make the Internet a safer, more inclusive space. The Balloon Challenge aims to make the Internet a safer space by doing good in a fun competition.

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By Google & Twaweza Communications

The Hangout Bridges Project is a combination of technology and communication strategy for positive social impact.


Using Technology for Good.

Google works to create a better, safer web for everyone.

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Working Towards a Better World

Twaweza is a communications organization working in policy development and implementation.

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